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Ashe O’Hara (Singer TesseracT)

“You put your faith in me. That faith has been, many times in my life, the very thing that saved me. It was an opinion I cherished and it has shaped my decisions ever since I met you. You helped me to begin to discover who I am as a writer, and as a person and helped me discover that I belong in music.”

Rachel Furner (Singer/Songwriter)

“John is one of the nicest guys that I’ve worked with, both as a very patient and brilliant piano teacher and as part of an anti bullying campaign. He is an amazing musician and will help you in anyway that he can.”

Dot Major (London Grammar)

“You brought the fun and blues back into my piano playing after a long time away from it.”

Martyna Wren (Singer/Songwriter)

“Notivate does incredible work inspiring young people. It’s always a privilege to be a part of it. Notivate creates a safe space for children to be able to express themselves through songwriting and is a truly memorable and rewarding experience.
John Bowman is a gifted musician and arranger who has been an integral part of my music career for the last 6 years. Without him, it simply would not be possible to make the music that I do. “

Greg Coulson (Singer/Songwriter, Keyboard Player The Selecter, West End Star Close To You)

“John has been one of my biggest influences when it comes to music. Not only is he a fantastic teacher he is also a wonderful person to work with. I don’t think I would be where i am today had it not been for him. “

Simon Barford (Drummer Templeton Pek)

“You played a strong hand in my musical journey, particularly for playing in bands. You boosted my confidence during my early teens and encouraged my playing in various styles. Things were always successful and fun when you were involved… Thanks!”

Nixon Katabira (Producer, Uganda)

“I wish to say thank you so much for the skills that you helped me with during your time in Uganda. I AM NOTIVATE AND TOGETHER WE SHALL IMPACT THIS GENERATION!”

Mozyhoney Marcia Del O’Zyhon (Singer/Songwriter)

“I have a long career of doing exactly what you taught me producing and composing music. You gave me my first experience in the studio recording my song and now I’m a signed recording artist.Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work. Keep doing what you do best. Excellent work throughout the years.”

Tom Barford (Saxophonist)

“John is one of the most inspirational people I know. Not only has he dedicated his life to helping children express their feelings through writing, recording and videoing their songs but he also teaches children how to use recording equipment, how to play jazz and he even offers piano tuition as he is a massively accomplished piano player! John has also done a lot for jazz education over the past few years too by organising professionals to go into schools to take jazz workshops. He has helped me out endless times with getting gigs, giving me music tuition, finding me work and is genuinely a really lovely person. I would fully recommend John to anyone.”

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19 Jul 2017

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