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Residential 2009

Notivate Residential (2009)
This activity was made possible thanks to the very generous support of the Edna Newill Charitable Trust. The following summary comes from the web site of Northamptonshire Association of Youth Clubs, who helped us to run the residential.

May half term saw 21 9-12yr olds from Lumbertubs and Castle Primary schools given a unique opportunity to be part of a Notivate residential. Notivate is a Singer/Songwriter programme created and run by John Bowman designed to increase self-esteem, a confidence to learn and willingness to take creative risks. The young people were all given the opportunity to write their own songs, expressing their feelings and exploring issues relevant to their lives. Bullying, trust, food and friendship were just some of the topics highlighted in their songs.
Alongside the writing and recording were a variety of challenging outdoor activities, including raft building, abseiling and high ropes.

Leaning out at the top of the abseil tower or making the leap of faith were huge challenges, each young person gave it their best with many overcoming fears and growing in confidence.
The residential finale was the Notivate Celebration, the long awaited moment for the budding singer/songwriters! Each of the young people’s songs was played as all listened in. The many smiles, clearly showed that not only had these young people written some great songs, but had also thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
To wrap up the event the young people were treated to a special guest visit by Saxophonist Ben Castle. Ben played his saxophone, answered questions about life in the music business and presented the young people with certificates for the week.

Joining in the fun with Ben (back row, fourth from the left) were our trustees, Carolyn Beech (back row, far left), and Therese Lee (front row, second from the left), along with youth advisor Thomas (next to Ben).

Thanks to further funding from the Edna Newill Charitable Trust, we are able to take 20 more young people to our 2010 residential at The Pioneer Centre at the end of May. More details to follow…

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