Latest School Projects:

In recent months, we have been working with the following schools (please click “Read More” to find out about each project and listen to the children’s songs):

Victoria Primary Academy Year 6 Leavers’ Songs

Here are the 2019 leavers' songs from Victoria Primary Academy, Wellingborough, UK.  "Proud To Be Purple" (Y6A) and "Purple Friends" (Y6B) were each written and recorded in a day, in celebration of the children's fond memories of their wonderful...

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Brixworth Summer 2019

These three songs were written and recorded by Year 6 pupils from Brixworth CEVC Primary School, UK, as they considered the past, present and future - and the importance of good friends!

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Kingsley Leavers 2019

These two songs were written and recorded in a day by Year 6 leavers, reflecting on their memories of Kingsley Primary School, Northampton, UK.

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Kingsley Primary School – Summer 2019

Here are 12 excellent songs by children at Kingsley Primary School, Northampton, UK.  Everyone in Year 4 took part in this programme, expressing their thoughts on a range of issues - including relationship, identity and social responsibility - with...

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Standens Barn Primary School – Songs To Save The Earth

Here are two new songs composed in the classroom by the Year 6 students at Standens Barn Primary School, Northampton, UK. "Stop Pollution. Save The World" and "This Is Our Only Earth" were both written and recorded during the children's music...

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10,000 plays on SoundCloud

Fantastic news...We’ve just hit 10,000 plays in the last 12 months!“Thank you” to everyone who has listened to our stream on SoundCloud. These are all original songs, written and performed by children taking part in our songwriting and recording...

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