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Music Tuition

Instrumental Lessons
Notivate music leaders provide tuition on a range of instruments, specialising in Piano, Guitar, Keyboard and Drum Kit. We can also recommend tutors for a wide range of additional instruments.

Classroom Music
We bring many years of experience of teaching music in the classroom, from KS2 through to A-Level. We also supply extra-curricular support for teachers and pupils, assisting with school productions, concerts and after-school clubs.

Music Courses
Please have a look at our Notivate Programme , Waves & Raves and Jazz Improvisation pages for information on our main courses.

For more information, please contact us.

Notivate song library

Latest Songs Uploaded

I Didn't Ask For This
01 Aug 2017

Till The End
19 Jul 2017

Stop Bullying To Make This World A Better Place
19 Jul 2017

Please Note: Due to copyright, not all songs have been made available here. For more details, please contact us.