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What we do

Notivate provides educational and therapeutic music programmes for young people. This is why we are here:

To Motivate Children Through Music

Every child that participates in a Notivate project will:

  • Gain new experiences and the freedom to express themselves.
  • Build respectful and trusting relationships with colleagues and leaders.
  • Learn new skills and explore their own abilities through creative activities.
  • Acknowledge, celebrate and defend their own and their colleagues’ excellence.
  • Feel nervous, excited, confident, proud, satisfied and safe.

Our four main programmes are:

We also offer:

For details of charitable activities run by The Notivate Trust, click here.

Notivate song library

Latest Songs Uploaded

I Didn't Ask For This
01 Aug 2017

Till The End
19 Jul 2017

Stop Bullying To Make This World A Better Place
19 Jul 2017

Please Note: Due to copyright, not all songs have been made available here. For more details, please contact us.