So many people are living a life of isolation and quarantine. Notivate activities usually take place in schools, clubs or our recording studios, but through this programme (#IsolationSong) we are offering you a way to express your thoughts, share your experiences, and celebrate your creativity through songwriting at home.  As with all our activities, our priority is to support children and young people, but Isolation Song also provides the opportunity for collaboration within families, so adults in your home might want to contribute lyrics, or even join in the singing!

This is a new initiative for us, so please be patient if there are a few teething problems – and remember to follow all government guidelines on how to keep yourself and others safe.

To listen to the songs in our Isolation Song Playlist, click the picture below.

If you are currently experiencing isolation, you may want to let other people know how it is affecting you and how you feel about it.  Through songwriting, you have the opportunity to share stories and concerns – and discover that you’re not the only one. We believe that the songwriting process can also be a therapeutic experience, that helps you to feel better.  So have a go at writing some lyrics and then try singing them in your own way.  Click here for some resources to help you with this.

When you’ve written you song, follow these steps:

Step One

Record your song on a mobile device. No videos, please. Make sure every word is recorded clearly – and if you are able to record your song in higher quality, please use mp3. 


If you can provide your own accompaniment (maybe on guitar, piano or backing track), that would be great, but not essential. Make sure your voice is recorded clearly and not drowned out by any instruments.

Step Two

Write down your lyrics.

Step Three

Ask an adult to contact us so we can tell them where to send the recording of your song, and a copy of your lyrics.  

Every week we will choose up to four unaccompanied songs and provide backing tracks.

Step Four

While you’re waiting for us to get back to you, draw a picture that you would like listeners to see while your song is being played.

Step Five

When you get your backing track, listen to it on headphones and re-record your singing on another device.

Step Six

Send us your new voice recording and a photo of your drawing.

Step Seven

We’ll upload your song and picture to our SoundCloud playlist and send you a link to share.

In the summer of 2020, one song will be chosen by an independent adjudicator to be recorded professionally (with session musicians) in one of our studios.

Here’s some more information:
  • This programme prioritises young people, children and families.
  • We cannot accept videos.
  • All our communications must be with an adult.
  • Don’t steal someone else’s song.
  • Don’t use swearing or offensive language in your song.
  • Any songs that we upload will be subject to SoundCloud’s Terms Of Use:
  • Our ability to prepare backing tracks and upload songs is based upon staff capacity, so speed of response may vary according to the number of songs we receive and the availability and health of our team.
  • This is a new initiative, which has not been fully tested, but we wanted to make it available as soon as possible.  So please be patient if the service falters every now and then.

To ask any questions, please click the “Contact Us” button, below.

Thanks to The Notivate Trust and the generosity of donors, this service is provided free of charge.  If you would like to support this, or any of The Notivate Trust’s work in the UK and elsewhere, please click the “Donate Now” button, below.