Five years ago, Naia took part in the Notivate Singer/Songwriter Programme at her primary school, led by John Bowman. She told him “If I had a million pounds, I would build a recording studio in Africa, so children there can have the same opportunities as us”.
A few weeks later, in 2012, John visited Uganda for the first time to meet Nixon and to begin training and fundraising for the new Media Centre in Jinja. While he was there, he was able to Skype Naia and her classmates to tell her that the process had begun!
Today, John was able to meet Naia again, to show her pictures of the completed studio in Jinja and share stories of the amazing work being carried out by the Notivate Uganda team.

“Thank you, Naia” for your inspiration and generosity! We’re looking forward to welcoming you in Jinja one day.